This section includes some frequently asked questions many people have before attending their first session:

Q: Who will answer my phone call?
A: I will personally repond to all phone calls within 12-24 hours.

Q: What will my first appointment consist of?
A: Your first appointment will be a consultation visit lasting approximately 60 minutes. You and I will discuss the problems you are having. At the end of the consultation, I will propose a treatment plan for you.

Q: How long are all subsequent sessions?
A: Each following session is 45-50 minutes long. Most patients attend sessions on a weekly basis, but others opt to attend sessions twice a month.

Q: How long will I need to be in therapy?
A: The length of your treatment depends on the issues that you need to address. After our first meeting, I will assess and offer a suggested length for your therapy. It is worth noting that some patients report feeling better after a few sessions. As you make progress, you and I can discuss the option of maintenance sessions. These can be conducted monthly or even every other month and are designed to monitor the changes and continue the growth and progress you have made.

Q: Is what I share with my therapist confidential?
A: Your confidentiality is protected by state law and by the rules of my profession. All information concerning patients is held confidential and is released only through procedures consistent with the law and professional ethics.

Q: What if I think I need to be evaluated for medications or I am already prescribed medications?
A: I am licensed and trained to practice psychology, not medicine. However, I often consult with physicians who prescribe medications to provide you with a medication consultation and/or continued medication management.

Q: How will I know if I’m getting better?
A: After our first session together we will identify the goals that you would like to accomplish during therapy. We will continue to measure your progress by evaluating these goals.